How Loud is That? 1 – Decibels, Volume and Apparent Loudness.

How loud is that? A comic on audio levels, decibels and sound.cartoon on decibels, loudness and sound


  • Sound level is measured in edibles which is usually shortened to dB.
  • Normal conversation is usually at a level about 60dB.
  • A crowded room might be as loud as 70dB
  • A +10dB increase in level equates to a perceived doubling of volume.
  • At 120dB a rock concert is very loud, 64 times louder than normal conversation.
  • 0dB is not silence, it is the quietest sound most people can hear.
How Loud Is That 1
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How Loud Is That 1
An article and comic on how loud sounds are in decibels.
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Trance Tech
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