My Trusty 2U Show Rack

This is my show rig. It has 3 x wireless mics, dual 4G cellular, wifi, ethernet, digital mixer and USB charging. And it fits in my suitcase with my clothes so I can fly it anywhere.  I use Qlab to drive the music and lights, and the browser interface to work the mixer off my iPad. This is the 2018 version. I have been developing this for years and will continue to refine it. The next change will be to improve the cable layout when in use.


Gerard V 2U Show Rig Rack Case

Here it is in use:

Tullibigeal - Comedy Hypnotist Gerard V Set Up

  • Motu Ultralite AVB
  • Teltonika Router / 4G
  • Sennheiser and AVG wireless mic systems
  • Homebuilt USB charger.

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